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Grass is Greener, Thanks to Lake Erie Shores Contracting

If you’re tired of spending evenings standing in your garden, hose in hand, a sprinkler system that is integrated into your lawn saves you time and money, not to mention water! By factoring in the climate, Lake Erie Shores Contracting can optimize your watering schedule.

We’ve been operating in Cleveland long enough to understand how to best coordinate irrigation systems; by factoring in temperature and rainfall, a Lake Erie Shores Contracting-installed and maintained irrigation system will save you water while still keeping your lawn green.

Lake Erie Shores Contracting’s sprinkler systems are well-integrated into the existing landscape, so you don’t have to worry about them sticking out like sore thumbs. You won’t even notice they’re there, but what you will notice is how healthy and green your Cleveland lawn looks, thanks to your new sprinklers!

Which System is For You?

High and low flow are the two main categories for sprinkler systems, and depending on your lawn, landscape, or garden, you can use one of these types, or a combination of both.

For example, if your plants only require a small amount of water over a long period of time, Lake Erie Shores Contracting might recommend a drip system, which dispenses only a minimal amount of water, and can either be controlled manually or set up to an automatic system.

For thirstier plants, overhead sprinklers could be the right option. The major benefit of these systems comes from their even distribution of water. If you’ve ever noticed patches of grass that are brown and dry, while other areas are green and healthy, an overhead sprinkler could be the solution to your problems. Because they deliver a uniform amount of water to everything in their reach, no area of your lawn will receive more or less water than another area.

Stick to the Professionals for Your Sprinkler Needs

Installing a sprinkler system is something that’s best left to the professionals at Lake Erie Shores Contracting. Our careful irrigation experts will examine your lawn to determine where the water mains are located. Without this knowledge, you risk rupturing a pipe, causing a problem that requires more time and money to solve.

A beautiful, lush green lawn doesn’t have to be a chore to maintain. Lake Erie Shores Contracting has the expertise you seek!

Lake Erie Shores Contracting Will Have You Seeing Green—and Saving It!

We offer competitive prices, all without sacrificing quality. Other companies may try and cut costs by offering inferior quality goods or slower response times, but with Lake Erie Shores Contracting, we’ve built our reputation on continually providing only the highest level of customer support and top tier products.

With sprinkler installation, there’s a lot of room for error if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Avoid any mishaps, and get in touch with Lake Erie Shores Contracting!