Lake Erie Shores Contracting Provides Beachwood With Exceptional Sodding Services

Sod is well known for significantly improving the curb appeal of many homes with an impressively quick turn around, but did you know sod also helps your lawn from eroding? The laid grass grows right into the soil and helps keep your yard intact, even if you are located on a steep hill. Before you start a professional sod project with Lake Erie Shores Contracting, here is what you need to know.

The Different Types of Sod

The right type of sod for you will depend on how much time you can dedicate to maintenance and your climate. Here is a list of common sod types:

  • • Bermuda Grass: This is a popular choice and does well in warmer and dry climates. It requires minimal to moderate maintenance.
  • • Fine Fescue: This grass thrives in cool climates, but it’s still sturdy enough to have a high drought tolerance. It also requires minimal to moderate maintenance.
  • • Kentucky Bluegrass: Another cool-climate grass that doesn’t mind a tough freeze. It just needs fertile soil and a moderate water supply.
  • • St. Augustine: This grass type does well in hot and tropical climates and is highly resistant to droughts. However, it does need weed control and moderate to high water regularly.

Our Sodding and Re-sodding Inspection Procedure

Any professional’s preliminary step is to check your yard for possible sod obstacles. We will look for things like:

  • • Utility lines
  • • Irrigation systems
  • • Pipes

All of these should be buried 18 inches or deeper to ensure the sod can take root properly without interfering with important home functions. If we do find any issues, we will work with you to find a resolution or suggest the right service for the job if needed. This step is equally important when replace old sod.

Our Beachwood Treatment Process

Whether you need your project done on a private or commercial residence, our process will be thorough to ensure the sod does take root and you get the lawn you need. Here’s an overview of our process:

  • • Lawn Removal: After our preliminary check, we’ll remove any existing sod or lawn to start with a clean slate.
  • • Tilling: We will till the earth about 4 to 6 inches deep.
  • • Debris Removal: After tilling and lawn removal, we’ll need to get rid of excess materials and potential obstacles like rocks, clods and weeds.
  • • Soil Amendments: Depending on your existing soil, we will add compost and soil mixes as necessary.
  • • Leveling: We rake the area to be sodded to make it clean and level.
  • • Fertilizer: We will apply a surface fertilizer to encourage strong grass growth.
  • • Installation: We roll the sod into the appropriate places and carefully lay pieces to avoid gaps. We’ll give you sod a fresh watering to get it started.

Are Your Ready to Start Your Sodding Project?

Call Lake Erie Shores Contracting today to get started with your project. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the sod or re-sod process and when you’re ready, we will set you up with a consultation that fits into your schedule. We look forward to hearing from you soon!